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New star in the area of independent distribution

News release June 8th, 2017

INTERTEC COMPONENTS takes over the businesses of ce global sourcing GmbH and First Components GmbH.

INTERTEC Components GmbH, a Europe-wide leading distributor of electronic and electromechanical devices based in Hallbergmoos near the Munich Airport, continues its growth strategy; Fully in line with the guidelines, as presented by the company to the public at the latest "electronica 2016", the world’s leading trade fair.

Press release 2017-06 Takeover CE (PDF 1MB)


And here come the REDs

Red Magnetics Red Frequency Fotoserie Historie Intertec 20 Jahre

To date, the relay and component area of the company is dominant, but in the meantime is completed by electromagnets - RED MAGNETICS as well as frequency- defining products – RED FREQUENCY. In contrast to the relays and components business, a pure trading business, the two REDs present themselves as manufacturer. In order to meet the different specialisations of the individual product lines, all segments were divided into separate divisions. With the addition RED, each division receives its own homepage and can thus position itself more distinctively within the market.

The relay segment kick-started the success story of Intertec Components in 1993 and still comprises the largest percentage of turnover today - and that is quite sizable. No other European company has identified so strongly with relays in the past 20 years as Intertec Components. We were one of the first companies to import new relay manufacturers from China. At the time, even completely unknown relay producers such as Hongfa were exclusively imported to and marketed in Germany. As a non-franchiser, Intertec Components has always tried to provide customers with clear benefits compared to the major broadline distributors, starting with a very attractive pricing level up to direct deliveries in allocation times. This has never been the approach of our competitors but it always provided our customers with alternatives to the established sales channels. Today, Intertec Components offers you the full range of relay types and relay producers. We have been a highly coveted partner in Europe for many years particularly amongst the global leaders, Asian manufacturers Omron, Panasonic, Hongfa, Fujitsu and Song Chuan. As part of our SMART distribution concept, you also benefit from other special aspects such as seamless traceability, storage, customised labelling, prototype delivery, design-in support and much more. Our team is looking forward to receiving your challenging projects.

We have restructured all semiconductor activities. This relatively young product segment has been among the new core competencies of Intertec Components GmbH since 2003. We have stringently tested our high-performance network of dealerships in the past few years so as to filter out only the “best of the best”. Intertec Components stands for original manufacturer goods, shortest delivery times and a very attractive pricing level. Renowned resellers, catalogue distributors but also OEMs are among our long-standing, highly satisfied customers and confirm our competence and reliability.

We support our customers not only during allocation peaks but also primarily in the long-term business. In addition to programming, re-belting and vacuuming, our service for active components also includes a strict incoming and outgoing check. Like no other, Intertec Component stands for being a provider of global semi-conductor know-how with a clear focus on your customer specifications. We are not attracted by a quick, single transaction but rather the opportunity to support your flexible long term demands.

RED MAGNETICS encompasses all types of electromagnets: From push-up, tensile, rotation, frame, tubular and laminated solenoids to permanent electrical magnets. RED MAGNETICS is all about performing challenging design-in projects, quick prototype service and creative development work – even with small quantities.


RED FREQUENCY includes our in-house crystal brand, which is manufactured for us by renowned manufacturers. Identical to other well-known brands – only much more affordable.



Good ideas prevail.

Intertec Components GmbH is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013. Particularly in turbulent times, this is no coincidence but rather basedon skill. During this period, we have continuously adapted Intertec Components to changing external circumstances and have kept our focuse on our strengths.

As we look back, what has, however, remained unchanged is our close customer relationships, even at the level of personal friendships. These ties can survive every supply shortage, every price increase and thrive on collaboration. At this point wee would like to express our sincere gratitude towards our long-standing customers. Without you none of this would be possible.

Since the summer of 2013 we have revised our entire brand presence for our 20th anniversary. The colour red now plays a leading role – not only visually but also literally: All new product brands carry the word RED in their name to demonstrate their group affiliation. As a customer, you can expect clear concepts in the individual RED product groups which offer comprehensible benefits.

2014: Good ideas prevail. Intertec Components – 20 years are far from enough.

Since its foundation in 1993, a great deal has changed at the distributor based in Freising near the Munich Airport. The medium-sized company has grown from a one-man show to an established force in the market. In particular, since the spring of 2014, it has been managed once again solely by its founder, Christian Peter.


We keep our promises!

ISO 9001 Zertifikat RoHS Pb free

Our customers demand more and more reliability, cost efficiency and a long service life for more and more complex applications. The basis for achieving these goals is and remains unconditional quality. This comprises the selection of suppliers, seamless traceability and extensive test superstructures. Since 2003, Intertec Components has been ISO9001 certified and has since optimised all processes. We record all date codes and BATCH numbers for incoming and outgoing goods. We create images for every semi-conductor article for documentation purposes and test all suppliers and manufacturers in a strict audit process.

For all design-in projects (mainly for electrical magnets), 3D drawings are prepared and each specification is documented. Production for electrical magnets is TS16949:2002 certified and hence also approved for car engineering.

At Intertec Components, quality is also a commitment to quality which we strive to keep. We rather refuse an order before offering dubious merchandise with an origin we are not certain about.

Quality has its price, particularly consistent quality. Our long-standing customers appreciate our continuous reliability – because the most affordable price in the short term is not necessarily the best in the long term! We make a considerable effort for quality assurance, even for very small quantities.


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